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Almost Tasmanian Yachties                      See daily diary entries, click on 'Blog'

For 279 days in 2017, my now husband and I lived aboard a 32-foot cruising yacht at Kettering, a beautiful coastal hamlet 30kms south of Hobart, the capital of Australia's island state of Tasmania. This is a collection of 279 daily diary entries, mostly one-page (350-word) mini-stories about lots of things Tasmanian, as well as anecdotes from my unusual life.

Included is a 23-instalment, serial-like account of a drug trafficking trial I sat in on over 23 days in Tasmania's Supreme Court. Later (and totally unrelated to the drug trial, I should quickly add), the Tasmanian Premier Will Hodgman allowed me to interview him in his swank office (an interview which became three pages). I also try to explain MONA.

Funny thing is, we never actually went sailing. There were three compelling reasons for this: 1. I (purposely) never got round to sitting my boating licence exam; 2. The marine motor mechanic never turned up to check out the motor before we tried to start it; and 3. I was too scared to take the sturdy vessel out of its marina pen.

My agent has urged me to post daily diary entries here as BLOGS -- on the first anniversary of our Tassie adventure. If you read one story each night in bed, you will have enough bedtime reading for nine months! 

27 Days a Pilgrim                                          Order the eBook at Amazon: A$8.26

In October 2013, I trekked the historic 800-kilometre Spanish Camino de Santiago de Compostela pilgrimage, from St Jean Pied-de-Port in southern France, to Santiago in north-west Spain. Come with me on my epic journey.

The Way, as it is called in the movie staring Martin Sheen, is a thousand years old. St Francis of Assisi walked it. Popes have walked it. Movie stars have walked it. Prisoners have been made to walk it. I walked it, but not without some mishaps.

Join my adventure including how, after straying off the official pilgrims' path in half-light, I sensed I was being followed by a man dressed in black, known to be the garb worn by the apostle Saint James, in whose honour the pilgrimage is dedicated. Six times I glanced back to see if he was still following me; three times he was there, three times he'd vanished. But there was a two-metre high cyclone fence either side, providing no way of escape! Was Saint James there for me?

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JACKAROO                                                 Order the eBook at Amazon: A$10.99

Over 8,000 copies sold. Nominated by the publisher Penguin for the National Biography Award.

One reader, Robyn, wrote: 'I passed over JACKAROO and read some other books, then finally I got to your book. Previously, I'd thought it probably was a superficial story, more suited to try-hard city folk than someone who'd grown up on a farm. Well, how far from the truth was that! From the moment I started reading the book, I was enthralled. Your gift for telling a story is amazing. Your honesty, humour and candid portrayal of each situation is wonderful. Congratulations.'

Reader Neil wrote, 'JACKAROO should be required reading for every Year 12 student'. (Not a bad idea!)

We continue to search for a production company keen to turn the screenplay into a movie or TV mini-series. My mentor on the film script, the late Malcolm Robertson, a doyen of the film, theatre and TV industries, believed the screenplay to be iconic, better he said than Red Dog, Priscilla and Man From Snowy River combined. Such a compliment!

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